Tiradeprops is the commercial operation entity of the West Coast Fishers Co-operative and 100% owned by the Co-Op.  A business entity that trades for profit in the Pelagic fishing industry since 1978. 


Currently 4,251% of the Anchovy TAC and 1,051% of the Pilchard TAC. The anchovy allocation is utilised through two long term agreements: the first is with Lucky Star Operations to catch and process approximately 50% of the total allocation, with the balance caught by MFV Atlantic Enterprise for processing at Pioneer Fishing in St. Helena Bay in terms of the second agreement.  The Pilchard allocation is dedicated to Pioneer fishing and the Glenryck brand.


MVF Atlantic Enterprise Fishing (Pty) Ltd is 75% owned by Tiradeprops.


  • A Andrews (Chairman)
  • CJ Koen
  • AG Kuilders
  • MP Williams
  • J Fredericks
  • N Tshongoyi
  • HR Jordaan
  • GLW Geldenhuys
  • JH van der Westhuizen ( Secretary )

Tiradeprops (Pty) Ltd Registration: 1999/002730/07
63 Main Road, Vredenburg, 7395